Touch Screen Window System: World’s First Touch-Window System

Touch Screen Window System

SsangYong Motor have announced they are ready to launch the first systems for touch – window opening.

The technology which should make the windows opening a lot easier for you is named Touch Screen Window System and last Friday it was presented at the training center of the company in Anseong, and it should be presented to the the public by the end of this year.

“The company will continue to develop a new generation of products that will suit the needs of its customers and simultaneously set trends with encouragement for new creative ideas,” said Chairman of SsangYong Motor, Choi Jong-sik.

Touch Screen Window System

This idea was announced several years ago by Jaguar, but after that there was nothing new announced about this technology.

“If you want to roll down the windows you will only need to tap a certain part of the window and it will come down. This technology is coming and we are already working on it. I do not know exactly when that will happen, but we know how to do it”, said back than one of the directors of Jaguar, Ian Callum, but the company didn’t publish any news about this technology ever since.