All Space News This Week

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Because there were a couple of news regarding the outer space, and i couldn’t choose what news to post about i decided to make a whole weekly recap for space news this week. So here it goes.

China preparing advanced spaceship for Moon missions

The engineer for spaceships in China has said for Chinese news that the new spaceship they are building can be able to return to Earth after Moon landing and it will have space for more astronauts.

He did not give any other details, but he made a comparison to the “Orion” spaceship, that is developed by the European Space Agency and NASA. China had their first mission late in 2003, but since then they have had great progress.

Last year they beat Russia and they tied with the USA with the number of rocket launches. USA and China launched each 22 rockets, while Russia launched 17.

In the last mission the Chinese had, two astronauts spent a whole month in the Chinese Space Station. In the next 5 years they plan to have a fully functional space station with a crew, and in the future they plan to send a whole crew to the Moon.

NASA suggests to make a shield around Mars to create atmosphere

The shield will act as a magnet sphere, protecting Mars from the solar winds and the remains from the, with a ultimate purpose to be able to create atmosphere as in air and liquid water in Mars, scientists report.

This suggestion if is passed through will surely be better and more efficient than nuclear bombing on the ice surfaces on Mars that was suggested by Elon Musk.

The chairman for planetary sciences in NASA, Jim Green, in the Workshop for planetary sciences last week has revealed a scientific vision for the year 2050. It was revealed that putting that magnet shield between Mars and the Sun will allow the magnetic sphere on Mars to be formed, that will be a basis for forming a complete atmosphere.

“This situation later prevents a lot of the erosive processes and solar winds that are constantly happening on the surface of Mars, this will then allow Mars to grow an atmosphere with time to grow in pressure and temperature”. – says Green and his team of researchers.

Even if this sounds a little bit to much, the team shows that similar systems who are found in the orbit around Earth to protect the astronauts from the solar radiation. They also believe that if this kind of magnetic shield would be set to protect Mars, it could regenerate half of the atmospheric pressure the Earth has in just a few years.