7 Tips How To Recognize Fake Product

How To Recognize Fake Product
  1. Packaging

    The fake gadgets manufacturers, usually not pay much attention on the packaging standards. If the product is original, the package will be in a perfect manner. So, if you are ordering online, do not forget to pay attention to the details shown in the pictures bellow. By looking into all these details, you can easily recognize a fake product.


    Screen-Shot-2017-03-16-at-11.49nn.34-AM2. Unboxing

You should be very careful with the boxes in which the products are stored. The usually appear to be very much like the original. One thing that may be checked, is the text at the back side of the box. Check the language of the text, it should’t be in language that is foreign to the country of purchase.


One detail that a product—especially an iPhone—could be fake is if it comes in a plastic casing. iPhones never come this way so it would be a clear sign that this product has been tampered with and isn’t the real deal.


3.  User Manual

User manual got all the information about the product you are looking to buy. You can easily check out that if the product is fake of real by looking at the user manual. It should come written in the language of the country it was purchased in. If not, you are dealing with a fake product.  The instruction manual is pretty much your gadget’s ticket to authenticity.



4.  Material Of The Product

You should have on mind that top brands are very careful with the details and the surface of the products. In order to provide smooth and flawless surface, and to satisfy the users, they are using high quality materials. There is no compromise on the quality, because that will bring a bad name to their company.

However, fake products are coming from manufacturers which interests are just economic. They are trying to save as much money as they can during manufacturing the products. Most of the products come with a very low quality of plastic covering.


5. Design Of Charger

Main feature of the original products is that their design is according to the target country. A product made for European consumers must have special block according to the European sockets. You will know the product is a fake if the charger does not match the specifications that are in practice in your country.


Make sure to check the text on the charger as well. In the photo bellow you can see that the logo is skewed, and there are additional symbols that are not included on the original.

Screen-Shot-2017-03-16-at-12.53.35-PM (1)

6. Cuts

On the photo given bellow, you can see comparison of a fake and a real iPhone 6. The cut is a slightly different. On the real phone (on top) the cut is smooth. On the fake one (on bottom) the cut has a thick outline.


7. The Screen

When the phone is with locked screen, it is easy to see a difference between real (left side) and a fake product screen (right side).